You’ll be so good that they can’t ignore you.

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“Be afraid of the quiet ones. They are the ones who actually think.” — Unknown

Have you ever noticed how the most charismatic person in the room seems happy to listen sooner than speak?

I have friends who talk a lot; I have never been the most talkative guy in the room. When I moved here to NY from Lima, my city, I thought it was because I wasn't confident enough to communicate deeper because of the different languages.

Later on, I started to wonder: In my city, have I ever been the most talkative guy in the room?

Step 4: Are you asking for what you deserve?

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“If you’re not making someone else’s life better, you’re living yours wrong” — Unknown.

Last night I had a conversation with my wife. When you were single, she asked: what was your way to finding someone you believed would be the right person?

I was surprised by the question. The truth is, I never thought too much about it when I was dating someone. After that question, I started to think and recognize what I perceived on those dates.

Sometimes when you start dating someone, you do not think about anything. The purpose is to have a good time; that’s what I thought. …

Work is a rubber ball.

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“Wisdom is your perspective on life, your sense of balance, your understanding of how the various parts and principles apply and relate to each other.”- Steven R. Covey.

The best advice in life come from people you don't even know.

Sound weird, but it is true. They don't come from friends or family members. They come from people that you saw once or twice in life. Maybe it is a coincidence, but they are the most valuable if applied in life.

I’ve been working in the restaurant business for years as a chef and waiter. I cannot complain about the money I was making. …

Taking care of these areas before success is the key.

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“It’s not the will to win that matters — everyone has that. It’s the will to prepare to win that matters.” — Paul Bear Bryant

Many people fall in their best moments when they are on the cusp of success. How is it possible?

When they keep making money, have a profitable business, a nice family, and invest everywhere, they start making bad choices and building their own road to failure.

I see everywhere in different forms. Originally I thought is a matter of education, but I was wrong. To clarify my point, these are some examples:

  • Why sports players who were poor initially, then when they have the chance to exhibit their talent and got famous, get rich in a short period of time. They end up in bankruptcy after a short period of success.

Political and religious debates are some of them.

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“Time is free, but it’s priceless. You can’t own it, but you can use it. You can’t keep it, but you can spend it. Once you’ve lost it, you can never get it back.” — Harvey Mackay

You can trade everything in life but no your time. It took me years to digest this.

Some people spend their time thinking about trivial stuff. Like if those things would give them any benefit in the short or long run. Finding out later that you’ve been draining by unworthy things.

I have daughters, two and four years old each, they are too young to assimilate this, but I’m ready to explain this in detail at the right time. And let them know that is not worth it to spend their time on the irrelevant stuff I will mention below. …

First, stop seeking validation from others.

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“People like consistency. Whether it’s a store or a restaurant, they want to come in and see what you are famous for.” — Millard Drexler

Most people try to look good in front of others. Certainly, we all love feeling admired, and if someone ignored us, it is hurtful.

I remember I desperately needed validation from others. The ticket to get in those groups was all I wanted, doing trivial things like imitating others. What was the purpose? What was I expecting from them? I had no idea.

In the end, I noticed other people’s praise would never fill you up. You will realize it is just a time-waster. Sure, we live in that society when rules make us dependent on others. …

Don’t make your relationship look like a Mexican novel.

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“All relationships have problems. Your ability to overcome them defines your relationship strength.” — Unknown.

Romance isn’t just about a box of chocolates, rainbows, and butterflies. It’s less easy and complex than that.

It’s healthy and hard to keep a good relationship. When everything is good, we focus on distinct areas of our lives, thinking our relationship is strong and solid. Time later, we realize it’s nothing the same anymore, so what occurred?

If everything was perfect, you started to ask. When did exactly everything change?

Studies show us the most common problems are related to communication, emotional affection or distance, specific areas of the current relationship, and lack of physical affection. …

Do you complain every day?

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“Happy are they who take life day by day, complain very little, and are thankful for the little things in life.” Anonymous.

Do you realize how lucky you are? If not, there is something beyond that.

The moment you decide to step out of the autopilot mode, make a pause to your busy life, and look around, you will notice. Reading this post means you can afford a computer or a phone, which are dreams of many people who have no tv at home. We get used to stuff or people and believe they will be around us forever.

I was looking for a book to get more info about how people manage their life with almost anything. I was amazed by the Holocaust facts since I was a teenager. …

You‘ll be surprised by the results.

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“Never waste any time you can spend sleeping.” — Frank H. Knight

Sleeping well is underrated. Most people refuse the truth that “everything starts the night before.”

They assume the to-do list has to be done no matter what. But they don't prioritize and comprehend everything they want to do the entire day depends on how your performance was the night before.

Therefore, how you plan to make good sleep is crucial to get more reliable results.

A ton of studies can tell us a lot about the consequences of a lack of sleep. One large review linked insufficient sleep to an increased risk of obesity by 89% in children and 55% in adults. …

#2. The desperate need to impress.

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“Sometimes the love of your life comes after the mistakes of your life.” — Unknown.

The wild world of dating can be a tricky one to navigate. And there are no hard and fast rules about what you should do when you are dating.

Have you ever wondered why I did? The day after you date someone. Two weeks ago, one of my best friends called me from Lima; we had a long conversation. We relived dating experiences from our past. And laughing like crazies.

I remember I met him at the gym when I was 15 years old. He was a chubby teenager who caught my attention because he always trained alongside the most beautiful girls in the gym. I started to notice him; he wasn’t focused on working out; he intended to have a conversation with those girls; he was too obvious. …


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