The 6 Guaranteed Ways To Stay Bored, Lonely, and Unfulfilled on a Daily Basis

Keep memories instead of taking pictures.

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The Craziness of Taking Pictures Instead of Keep Memories.

If you want to keep unforgettable memories, put your phone away and be present in each moment. The most beautiful flashes in my life are stored in my mind. By coincidence I hadn’t any devices closed.

Denying the Benefits of Reading, Wake Up Early, or Exercise

Saying to Yourself “Good-Enough” Is Fine

They are everywhere. You know why? They are scared of the uncertainty and opt for the least bad choice.

Prioritize Entertainment Over Education

Spend More Than 10 Minutes on Social Media Every day

Choose Safety Over Freedom

Working to make other people's dreams come true it is not worthy in a long run.

Stop Being Humble

Coach, Writer, & Constant learner. Inspiring people through Personal Stories.

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